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Casting Update: 'TEA'

Very excited to be joining this cast of amazing women for Hero Theatre's sold-out staged reading of "TEA," by Velina Hasu Houston. I will be reading the stage directions for this poignant and thought-provoking play, going up at the Actors Co-Op Theatre space.

TEA sheds a light on the experiences of Japanese war brides living in the United States after WWII. After they experience a great loss, four war brides – Setsuko, Teruko, Atsuko, and Chizuye – gather to share tea. During the ceremony, the women reveal their hardships of leaving Japan for the United States. Featuring an all-female ensemble, TEA is an inspirational story of overcoming prejudice and hardship, and serves as a reminder of the struggles some of our fellows Americans face when coming to “the land of the free.”

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