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'A Poison Squad of Whispering Women' Virtual Performance

This weekend, I will be playing Opal Hightower on Ophelia's Jump's production of 'A Poison Squad of Whispering Women,' by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos.

"ABOUT THE PLAY:"Nice is different than good." ~ Stephen Sondheim"IT’S EASY TO imagine our enemies as alien, demonic Others. When historian Kathleen Blee set out tointerview women who had been active in the Indiana Klan during its heyday in the 1920s, she wasstartled to find that she shared a disturbing degree of rapport with her informants, who were in manycases just like her–intelligent, aware, and in many cases vaguely feminist.Yet these elderly women–however genial–still unapologetically held the same set of prejudices thathad led them to the Klan in the first place. They regarded their Klan activism fondly as a “good fight”against the immoral forces of Catholics, Blacks and Jews. Few expressed any regrets over the livesthey had helped to ruin, and the terror their activism had helped to legitimize." From "Women of the Klan" by David Futrelle"A Poison Squad of Whispering Women" was inspired by this little known history of the widespread Klan involvement by middle class white women in the 1920s. It reflects a disturbing intersection between the suffrage movement, 1st wave feminism and the rise in importance of Women Klans.

The piece evokes uncomfortable questions challenging our conceptions of what the "enemy" looks like, and how sometimes beliefs and movements from one side of the ideological spectrum can be applied in unanticipated ways by holders of beliefs on the other side.

PAY WHAT YOU CAN TO HELP US PAY ARTISTSThe performance is presented on a "pay what you can" basis. If you can't pay, no problem. We understand times are tough. However, if you can make a donation to help us pay artists during this unprecedented shutdown of our theater, we would be ever so grateful!To receive a ticket and zoom link for this virtual performance, just visit our site to donate and list "Poison Squad" in the notes section.In the spirit of transparency we will post the cost for each production. (The posted cost is just for artists' pay.

It does not include rent or other overhead).The cost of paying the artists for this production is $1810. The playwright has generously agreed to waive her royalties for this performance. Your donation will help us cover this cost.Remember, if you can't donate, but want to see the show, shoot us an email at info@opheliajump. org.

We want everyone who wants to see this "A Poison Squad of Whispering Women" to be able to join us!MAKE A DONATION TO SUPPORT THIS PROGRAMMING. You will receive a ticket with the zoom link and password.

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