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"The Writing On Your Walls" Now Available On iTunes

My freshman year at the University of Southern California I took a songwriting class with award-winning songwriter, Andrea Stolpe. As an exercise, she had each of us write a confession on a piece of paper, crumple it up, and throw it to the front of the room. We then each picked a random paper, and were told to write a song based on the confession written. Many of the confessions read something like: "I want to tell her I love her," or "I'm afraid of the path I'm on." The confession I picked? "I like girls with tattoos." It wasn't the confession I was expecting, but it inspired me to write a song I am now incredibly proud of. Tattoos mean a lot to the people that get them, and each one has a story a behind it. I often find myself looking at a person's collection of tattoos, and wondering what lead them to get each one. This song explores my fascination with tattoos.

Listen to the song here

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