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Tonight will be my last night playing Virginia in the dark comedy, "Vampire Masquerade," at The Next Stage Theatre in Hollywood!

Much love to the amazing cast of people I have met.

Get more info on the show here

My freshman year at the University of Southern California I took a songwriting class with award-winning songwriter, Andrea Stolpe. As an exercise, she had each of us write a confession on a piece of paper, crumple it up, and throw it to the front of the room. We then each picked a random paper, and were told to write a song based on the confession written. Many of the confessions read something like: "I want to tell her I love her," or "I'm afraid of the path I'm on." The confession I picked? "I like girls with tattoos." It wasn't the confession I was expecting, but it inspired me to write a song I am now incredibly proud of. Tattoos mean a lot to the people that get them, and each one has a story a behind it. I often find myself looking at a person's collection of tattoos, and wondering what lead them to get each one. This song explores my fascination with tattoos.

Listen to the song here

So excited to share that I was accepted into the bi-coastal Hero Theatre acting company. Notable members of this esteemed theatre company include Adam Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) and Shannon Lucio (The O.C., The Cake [Echo Theatre Company]).

LA Times Theatre Critic Charles McNulty called Hero’s June 2017 production of María Irene Fornés’ The Conduct of Life at the Rosenthal Theatre “an irresistible chance to see work that appears more often on theatre syllabi than on season brochures” (LA Times,

June 18, 2017).

I am so honored to have found a home with this group of talented, inspiring, and creative artists.

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