I am beyond excited to share that

Ophelia's Jump Productions

will be producing my show "Homegirls" this Sunday as a part of their WORD Play Festival!

Thank you so much to

Beatrice Casagran

and Caitlin Lopez

for this opportunity!

You can buy tickets here! https://app.arts-people.com/index.php?show=115564

Echo Young Playwrights, a group of Los Angeles-based playwrights in the early stages of their careers dedicated to developing new work for the stage, takes the virtual Echo stage on

Saturday, Oct. 3 at 7:30 p.m. PT / 10:30 p.m. ET.

Join them for an evening of short plays, monologues and excerpts from longer works in process at


Check out the full program below!

Better As Us by Julia Stier David Phillip Fishman Gloria Ines

Culture Night by Amanda Andrei JB Tadena Cynthia San Luis Eddy Hong

The Edge by Chandra Thomas Chris Alvarenga Mirirai Sithole Pamela Shaddock Fern Lin Omari Williams Elliot Davis

Two Bros Smash on a Hot Summer Day by Spencer Slovic Vince Doud Juan Estrella

Adulting by Samantha Cavestani Samantha Danmeyer Alison Martin Daniel Hagen

We're Here to Protect You and Stuff by Eliza Frakes Ria Patel Arielle Davalos Cynthy Wu Keyara Milner Carolyn Crotty Alexa Yeames

Boulevard of Bold Dreams by LaDarrion Williams Mildred Langford Jon Chaffin

Te Quiero by Gabriela Ortega Norma Ruiz

Tony's Place by Jaime Jaget Jayne Taini

"Bitch," by Julia Stier, performed by Ashley Platz, and directed by Cary Reynolds.

Check this piece out on October 15th, as a part of The Emerging Playwrights Monologue Showcase!

To register for your FREE show link, please visit


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